About Us



is a leading manufacturer of industrial protective coating systems, “Made in Germany”.
We innovatively design and produce high-performance corrosion protection coatings, linings and floorings for different fields of application. The properties of our products are highlighted by extraordinary chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and weatherability. We generate a broad-spectrum of polymer coating, lining and flooring products ranging amongst the highest performance properties within today's global industry and meet our customers' demands by offering highly efficient and cost-effective world-class solutions.
The remarkable diversity of our protective products which have been certified by independent institutes and approved for the various scopes of applications, proves the fact that SIGAS GmbH perfectly fulfills a broad range of requirements and customers' demands.
Our business operates as a GmbH according to German Standards focusing on high quality products and continuously innovative ideas. We succeeded to become one of the most outstanding global producers of anti-corrosion coatings, floor coatings and composites. 

SIGAS GmbH works hard to improve customer satisfaction through excellent service and outstanding technical solutions. No matter the challenge, we help our clients to the best of our ability. Either through advising managers and engineers, or by supporting frontline workers, our responsibility is to partner with clients to convert proposals into solutions.
“Customers first” is our aspiration!

Our Values

Empowered by Expertise

As our slogan implies, we proudly utilize the expertise of our professional engineering team to provide high quality products and services.

Commitment to Quality

Our strict adherence to quality standards ensures the superiority of the SIGAS coating products, approved by extensive laboratory tests.


We adopt an innovative approach in development of product technologies with enhanced performance through interdisciplinary research.


We apply high ethical standards to create a trust-based relationship with all our partners.


Our expert engineering team is dedicated to continual improvement of overall quality performance and development of products.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to customer satisfaction and hence, have a customer-oriented approach.

Environmental Responsibility

Our concern for the environment has led us to produce solvent-free products and sourcing the raw materials from responsible producers.